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We are Gyropac

Disruptive Compaction Technology

Our startup was born in 2018, out of a desire to bring our South African-developed revolutionary impact compaction to the global market. We have made it our goal to put the highly effective technology powering our machines in the hands of contractors and construction service providers around the world.

We believe the Gyropac approach has the power to be radically transformative to conventional ground improvement operations. Faster completion times, lower costs and superior results are all at the core of our offering to our clients.

Join us in leveraging the power of Gyropac.

Our Evolution

Perfecting a new Paradigm

Decades of engineering experience and modern research and development methods have together resulted in our G-Series of Gyropactors. These designs harness state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques to challenge the status-quo of the compaction industry.

Proven Track Record

Gyropactors have seen extensive use around the globe on some of the most challenging sites. Critically, our machines offer vast performance gains where conventional plant would struggle.

Frequently asked questions

Definitely! Our range of Gyropactors have been used to great effect in more than 15 countries.

We are very happy to send you a detailed document of our company history on request, as well as any other specifics you may require.

We pride ourselves on personal service to our clients. If you reach out to us using any of the methods below, we will attend to your query as a matter of urgency.

At Gyropac we’re always on the lookout for mutually beneficial business opportunities, particularly distribution related ones, since we are constantly driven to get our revolutionary technology into the hands of more clients.

Certainly! Our expertise in the field of impact compaction has the power to dramatically improve your operation. We recognise that every site has unique compaction-related challenges and we’re here to help you solve those. Contact us to arrange a meeting!

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We stand ready to learn about your projects and offer our expertise.